Before submitting, please review the guidelines below and upload carefully. If you do not have access to scriptwriting software, consider using Celtx, a free online serivce.  

This is a complimentary service for Colorado residents provided by the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media. Please note that this office is only able to assign scripts that are written by and submitted by Colorado residents. Residents may have one screenplay reviewed per year. If accepted, your screenplay will be reviewed for notes.  Please also note that this is not a competition.

Screenplay Format Sample (PDF)

Be wary of these common mistakes - please double check your work.

  1. Art on the title page.
  2. Typo/misspelling on the title page.
  3. Typo/misspelling in the first scene header.
  4. Typos/misspellings in the first sentence or paragraph or page.
  5. Triple/double spacing of every/many line(s) on first page.
  6. Lack of spacing between scene header and description and/or between description and dialogue and/or between dialogue and dialogue.
  7. Use of font other than Courier 12-point, ten-pitch, non-proportional (excluding the title page).
  8. Extensive use of bold print.
  9. Dialogue that stretches from the left margin to the right margin.
  10. Extra space between character name and dialogue.
  11. Description and/or dialogue typed ALL CAPS.
  12. Extremely narrow or extremely wide outside margins.
  13. Long, long, long descriptive passages.
  14. Handwritten or hand-printed script.
  15. Other glaring, non-standard format usage.

(Taken from the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting)

Colorado Office of Film, TV & Media